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Building Owner Services

Pre-Contract Advice for Commercial Property Owners and Residential Property / Home Owners

Whether your new build is a renovation of your existing home or building a new factory for your business, building is an exciting time.

Building Owner Services

With you having so much to consider and so many planning processes to go through, at Aitchison Reid Building and Construction Lawyers we understand that by the time you are given a building contract, you just want to get on with it and sign on the dotted line.

But before you sign – think about reducing your risks of your dream build turning into a costly nightmare – engage legal advice first.

The Queensland Government recommends that all consumers entering into building contracts should get independent legal advice and for commercial building owners the risks are even greater.

At Aitchison Reid we offer a range of products to suit you, your budget and your build:

We have had years of experience in sorting out domestic and commercial building contracts that have gone sour. So often the warning signs were apparent in the contract right from the beginning of the building or construction project and in some cases could have been avoided all together by receiving early pre-contract advice. If you are interested in minimising your project risks and have your interests protected, get in touch with us today. You may also want to read our article, New Law Shifts Risk from Builder to Consumer.

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Building Owner Disputes

We understand that sometimes building disputes just cannot be avoided and we are here to help you through the process.

We have extensive experience in home owner disputes and commercial building owner disputes both here and overseas. If you have a building dispute, we strongly advise that you should get advice as soon as possible as some avenues of resolution are limited by time. Further, any damage or defect to your home or building is only likely to worsen with time.

We pride ourselves in taking the time to listen to you, your story and what your priorities are – choose us to work with you today.

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Our services are popular and in demand from people and businesses choosing to seek professional advice from us. We like to make it easy for people to reach out for help. To make it easy to pick up the phone and call us, we give prospective, new and existing clients 30 free monthly minutes to call us and discuss their building and construction law matters.

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