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Your building and construction lawyers

At Aitchison Reid Building and Construction Lawyers we are your approachable, ethical, friendly local Queensland building and construction lawyers. We work for commercial business clients, subcontractors, investors / developers and residential / home owner and commercial building owner clients.

We write and speak in simple, plain English. We help our clients understand their disputes and minimise their impacts.

We also help our commercial and residential/home owner clients manage their issues and mitigate their risks. We focus our clients on getting their contracts right from the beginning, for their building and construction projects and businesses.

The building and construction law work we do for our clients includes:

Commercial – subcontractors, architects, engineers, specialised and general trades, builders

  • Commercial disputes and litigation (i.e., performing strategy for, preparation of and representation on your dispute or litigation matter)developer-services-thumb
  • Personalised commercial contracts written specifically for building and construction businesses
  • Detailed commercial contract reviews (i.e., reviewing contracts you’ve considered signing or have signed, to identify your risks)
  • Support packages for building and construction industry business owners (i.e., to keep your personalised contracts up to date with legislative and common law changes, perform a review of a quota of contracts for you each month, etc)

Building owners, home owners, developers/investors

  • We work for owners of buildings (commercial and homes) undergoing development and new builds, extensions, fit-outs or renovationAitchison-Reid-Building-Owner
  • We work for owners on their building and construction disputes and litigation matters
  • We write personalised building and construction contracts specifically for owners’ building, development, extension, fit-out or renovation projects
  • We perform detailed contract reviews for owners (i.e., reviewing contracts given to our clients which they have considered signing or have signed, to identify their risks)
  • We provide contract support packages for building owners and consumer/home owner clients (i.e., support owners during their build or renovation projects’ variations, payments, etc)

Contact us

Our services are popular and in demand from people and businesses choosing to seek professional advice from us. We like to make it easy for people to reach out for help. To make it easy to pick up the phone and call us, we give prospective, new and existing clients 30 free monthly minutes to call us and discuss their building and construction law matters.

Phone our head office on 07 3128 0120 or contact us here.