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Construction Adjudication

Our experience with construction adjudication helps you

Adjudication is a form of alternative dispute resolution. It is a way of resolving disputes without involving the court system.adjudicate

Adjudication is similar to the courts in that one person considers the evidence given by both parties and makes a decision. Adjudications do not involve hearings, instead the adjudicator receives written submissions from each party and makes a decision on those submissions.

Adjudicators are not judges, but instead generally they are people who have at least ten years’ experience in the building industry and have a qualification in adjudication.

Value you gain from us

Adjudication is fast, compared to going through the courts. You could receive your adjudication decision in as little as twenty business days from the date that you made your adjudication application.

We represent and work for you throughout the adjudication process. Preparation for adjudication is a very meticulous and forensic process, so a big part of the value you gain from us is making sure your claim or response meets this extremely high standard.

In brief for a standard adjudication claim

  • The claimant sends a written adjudication application to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) within a specified time frame.
  • The QBCC nominates an adjudicator on behalf of the parties.
  • The respondent files its adjudication response within the later of 10 business days of receiving a copy of the adjudication application or 7 business days after receiving the adjudicator’s acceptance of the adjudicator’s application.
  • Once the adjudicator has received the adjudication response he/she can consider the arguments made by both parties. The adjudicator can request further information, inspect the site in question and call an informal conference.calendar and adjudication
  • The adjudicator has only ten business days to make a decision, unless the parties agree that the time period can be extended.
  • The adjudicator can only decide the amount of the progress claim (if any), when it became or becomes due, the rate of interest payable and who is to pay the adjudication fees (in full or in part). The adjudicator’s decision must be in writing and contain the reasons for his/her decision.
  • If the adjudicator decides that the respondent must pay the claimant, the respondent must do so by the relevant date, otherwise the claimant may request an adjudication certificate from QBCC and file it with the court as a judgment debt.
  • The time frames are different for complex payment claims (payment claims that are for $750,000 or more).

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