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Our Values

We are Personal

We take the time to listen to you and understand your issues.

We are trustworthy

We are focussed on how we can best help you. Our attention to detail means we tailor contracts and advice for our clients’ individual needs.

We are experts

Our uniqueness and strength comes from our experience in building and construction litigation. Litigation is costly in time and money – we want to help you avoid it.


We care

We have your best interests in mind. We strive to do things better by being approachable and listening to you and your needs.

We are there for you

We make contracts easy to understand. We are responsive and we are focussed on providing you the best legal solutions that work for you in the real world. Our legal solutions can help you stand out professionally.

We are fresh and innovative

We are breaking the mould because we believe:

  • Personalised plain English contracts help prevent disputes and mitigate risks;
  • Easy to read and understand contracts enhance trust between the parties, which in turn helps minimise disputes;
  • Contracts should work for you like any other hard wearing and reliable tool in your tool box; and
  • If disputes do occur they should be sorted out as quickly as possible.