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Personalised eContracts


  • Do you understand your contract?
  • Do your customers understand your contract?
  • Does your contract protect your interests or leave you exposed?

We produce personalised eContracts that work for you and your business like any other reliable and hard wearing tool in your tool box.

Our personalised eContracts are written:

  • in plain English so that you, your team and your customers can understand them;
  • to protect your interests and make the most of the protections available to you; and
  • to deal with issues specific and personal to your business.

Our eContracts are written to protect your interests and remove the grey areas because we don’t want you to:

  • get into a dispute; or
  • lose money through entering into unfavourable compromises or spending all the profit you’ve earned from the job on legal fees.

Our commercial building eContract has been successfully tested in adjudication.

To reflect the difference between domestic and commercial building contract requirements, we have developed the following eContract packages:

To view the package prices please see our Fees and Packages.


Our contracts and supporting documents are secured electronic documents. By having and using our eContracts you will have the following benefits:

  • Job specific fields can be handwritten or typed;
  • Your staff and customers cannot accidentally delete or amend terms of the contract;
  • Job specific fields that must be completed to fulfill your licensing obligations are highlighted; and
  • We will keep a master copy of your contract documents, stored and encrypted in the cloud for you to access.

Contact us today to personalise your contracts, enhance your customers’ contract experience and set you apart from the rest.

Our services are popular and in demand from people and businesses choosing to seek timely advice from us.

We like to make it easy for people to reach out for help. We give prospective, new and existing clients 30 free monthly minutes to call us and discuss their building and construction law matters.

To discuss these or any of our services, call us on 07 3128 0120 or contact us here.