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Domestic Building Contracts

Personalised Domestic Building Contracts

Did you know that the Domestic Building Contracts Act 2000 (DBCA) was repealed on 1 July 2015?

Our domestic building contract package complies with the new provisions of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 1991 that replaced the DBCA and provides all of the documents you need to comply.

We provide a complete domestic building contract package for our clients that is personalised to their individual needs. The package price and add-ons are set out on our Fees and Packages page.

When dealing with domestic building contracts in Queensland, we believe there are three major objectives for all building and construction businesses:

  • Projecting a professional and customer friendly image;
  • Protecting your business; and
  • Complying with your licensing obligations.

Projecting a professional and customer friendly image

When dealing with homeowners and consumers perception and service are vital.

But service and perception doesn’t just start when the workers turn up on site. How you deal with your customers pre-contract and during the contract process are often key to how and if you get the job.

There are four ways in which our eContracts will help your image:

  • We can draft pre-contract documents that can help engage, educate and moderate your customer expectations;
  • We use customer friendly, plain English language in our contracts so that your customers not only understand the contract but they feel engaged.
  • Our secured PDF Contracts look professional with data entry fields that are typed in rather than handwritten and the Contracts include your logo.
  • We can provide personalised information sheets, flowcharts and training so that your staff understand the contract process and can answer customer questions in a confident and professional manner.

Our clients are questioned less by their customers when using our plain English contracts. Our clients’ customers understand our contracts, and as a result the customers are more likely to engage their services.

Protecting your business

At the end of the day building is a risky business. The best place to start protecting your business is at the beginning of a relationship – with the contract.

Our domestic building eContracts can protect your interests by:

  • Being tailored to address risks that are specific to your business and trade;
  • Containing up to date terms and conditions developed to reduce your risk dealing with issues such as site access, payment, disputes and suspension of work;
  • Making sure that your contracts fulfill all of your domestic building contract requirements. Compulsory Contract fields are highlighted;
  • Considering your entire contract process to make sure that it complies with the DBCA;
  • Providing personalised supporting contract documents that comply with your licensing requirements, information sheets, flowcharts and training so that you are know how our contract works and how to reduce your risks.

Licensing obligations

We know that complying with your licensing requirements can be challenging, especially with so many changes happening. That’s why we have developed a whole pack of information and supporting contract documents to help you understand the processes and fulfil your licensing obligations.

Our Domestic Building Contract Package helps you comply with your licensing by including:

  • A fully compliant eContract with the required fields highlighted in red;
  • An information guide to your entire contract (clause by clause);
  • A compliant defects document;
  • A compliant variation document;
  • A compliant extension of time request; and
  • A compliant waiver notice.

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