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Contract Support Package

Changes in the Construction Industry

The building and construction industry has been in a constant state of change over the last 12 months with changes to:

  • The Building and Construction Industry Payments Act 2004;
  • The Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 2000; and
  • The Domestic Building Contracts Act 1999 repealed on 1 July 2015.

And the next 12 months are likely to be no different. Discussion papers on the next wave of changes are currently in public circulation.

Even once all of the law changes commence, the new laws will be tested in the courts and this will lead to new interpretations and developments.

How does our support package help you cope with all of the changes?

We understand that this is an unsettling time for construction businesses and that’s why we have designed this package. The package has been designed in consultation with clients so the package gives the support that you want (not what we think you want). And just like our contracts, we can personalise our contract package to suit you and your business needs.

We have also developed two fee structures, a 12 month subscription ($300 per month) and a rolling monthly subscription ($521.75 per month), which gives you the ability to opt in and out of the package as it suits you. Please note that to subscribe to our contract support package you must have an up to date contract drafted by us.

So what does it include?

  • Updates to your contract throughout the year to take account of new legislation and common law (law determined by the courts) developments;
  • Our 30/30 one on one support. That is 30 minutes of free phone calls per month plus 30 minutes of work or communications per month;
  • A secure and encrypted team space in the cloud, through which we will send your updated contracts to you. The team space can also be used for the exchange of information for any other files we are working on for you. We take your privacy and our security of your information seriously; and
  • 10% off our legal fees.

See our Fees and Packages page.

Our services are popular and in demand from people and businesses choosing to seek timely advice from us.

To discusss these or any of our other services, call us on 07 3128 0120  or contact us here.