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Commercial construction contract reviews and advice

Our experience helps you

  • Pre-contract Advice on Tenders and Contracts (including suggesting amendments);
  • Advice during the contract process (including payment advice under BCIPA); and
  • Advice on how and when to terminate or suspend work.

The building industry and your contract sit in a highly regulated environment. That’s why we look at your contracts in the context of Acts of Parliament such as the Building and Construction Industry Payments Act 2004 (BCIPA) and the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 2000 (QBCCA).

Value you gain from us

We want to help you pro-actively avoid disputes and mitigate your risks, so that your business is in the best shape contractually if a dispute does occur. We make sure all our advice is easy to understand and follow. We are always happy to explain our advice to you and provide training to your staff.

We are not here to tell you how to do your job, we are here to find solutions that work for your business in the real world.

Contact us

Our services are popular and in demand from people and businesses choosing to seek professional advice from us. We like to make it easy for people to reach out for help. To make it easy to pick up the phone and call us, we give prospective, new and existing clients 30 free monthly minutes to call us and discuss their building and construction law matters.

Phone our head office on 07 3128 0120 or contact us here.