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QBCC Contract Reviews

Review Your QBCC Contract With Us

It’s an exciting time because you’re construction contractabout to build new or renovate. The builder has met with you and given the builder’s contract to you to review. It could be a QBCC contract for a new build, or a QBCC contract for a renovation. By the time you’ve received your QBCC contract from your builder, you’re probably wanting to just get on with your building project and sign that contract.Risks

Before you sign, consider the risks to your building project and to your budget. By engaging legal advice with Aitchison Reid first, we can use our building and construction industry expertise to help you protect your interests, manage and mitigate your risks.


Recommended Review

Our Recommended Review of your QBCC building contract or QBCC renovation contract gives you:

  • A standard review of special conditions, appendices and general terms and conditions.
  • 30 minutes of suggested amendments to the contract.
  • Licence search and review.Home owner
  • Information sheet on the building process.
  • A one on one meeting or phone call to discuss the contract process (pre-contract). Maximum one hour.

To discuss these or any of our other services, call us on 07 3128 0120 or contact us here.