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Adjudication – Timing is Everything

In construction adjudication timing is everything

If you are a claimant or a respondent to a construction adjudication or building adjudication, it is vital that you act quickly.  

Under the Building and Construction Industry Payments Act 2004 (BCIPA), if you receive:Adjudication calendar

The adjudication timetable is tight! If you do not act quickly, you can lose your opportunity to adjudicate your dispute or defend your position.

Construction adjudication, building adjudication, BCIPA adjudication – it all requires all of your evidence, submissions and argument to be compiled and filed at once.  In other words, you have one chance to get your dispute adjudication case right!

You are not alone, we can help you with every step or whichever step you want help with

Adjudication is fast, furious and can be stressful.  But at Aitchison Reid, we are experienced adjudication lawyers and we help take the stress out by helping you through the adjudication process with our highly skilled team.

We have the skills, resources and experience to help your business through each stage of the adjudication process, and at speed!

Our team’s experience and training relevant to adjudication covers litigation, BCIPA specialisation and building science.  We understand building and construction, we know how to read and understand construction plans and specifications, we are skilled at translating technical legal and construction complexities into plain English for you so know what’s going on. With our adjudication services, we look forward to helping you! 

Adjudication - go in the right directioWe work with you to suit your needs

We can provide different levels of service, from some simple advice, through to running your matter for you, depending on your needs.
We understand that, depending on your own experience or expertise in adjudication:

  • you may want to take control, and run with the process yourself, simply tapping into our expertise as and when you want to; or
  • you may want to have us represent you; taking the stress and strain off you and your business; or
  • you want a service somewhere in between, where you want to reduce your adjudication costs in legal fees, but have enough input from our team to get you safely through all the requirements and time restraints.

There are many ways, with our adjudication services we can get you through this!

How our advice helps you

Our legal advice focusses onAdjudication success

  • TIME; ensuring that your adjudication application or response is on time, which is critical to your success.
  • YOUR DOCUMENTS; adjudication decisions are made on the evidence that you supply, so we focus on compiling your evidence, filling the gaps in your documents and finding the gaps in the other side’s documents.
  • YOUR ARGUMENT; we are experienced at pulling your evidence together and arguing your case based on the facts and the law (including the most recent cases) for the often multiple issues in your dispute and doing it QUICKLY!

So call us today, so we can put the smile back on your face!


Phone our head office on 07 3128 0120 or contact us here.

End Notes:
[1] This is based on the payment claim being a standard payment claim.  Please note that other time frames apply for complex payment claims.  Complex payment claims are payment claims for more than $750,000.